Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers, Public Act 4 — March 29, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Mich Secretary of State confirms 225,885 signatures submitted for repeal of Emergency Manager law


Stop Public Act 4!

The Michigan Secretary of State’s (SOS) office has confirmed that the Stand Up for Democracy coalition has turned in 24,151 valid sheets containing 225,885 signatures, exceeding the 161,305 needed to put the law on hold and the referendum on November 2012 ballot. [NOTE: this does NOT mean the signatures themselves have been validated, just that they have turned in valid petition sheets containing that many unvalidated signatures.]

The SOS has pulled a random sample of signatures that
opponents may challenge. There is a 10-day challenge period
that ends on April 9. The random sample (chosen through a formula) has 3,451 signatures. So far, only supporters of the repeal oaf requested the signature sample.

Since the process of validating the signatures must be completed in 60 days, we should have an anwer by the end of April though it is believed that the answer will come before then.