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Trevor Thomas gains endorsement of Gov. Jennifer Granholm in MI-03, campaign gains momentum


Now we’re talking!

Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, Trevor Thomas, has scored a key endorsement this week from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

I’m excited to introduce to you my friend Trevor Thomas, who is running to be the democratic contender against Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd District.

The son of two autoworkers, Trevor joined my re-election campaign in 2006, and he played a vital role in our victory. He was an even bigger part of our administration’s efforts in our second term. In fact, I remember traveling to Grand Rapids with Trevor as we visited with members of the media and highlighted issues like our No Worker Left Behind program to help Michigan workers transition to a global economy.

Join me in supporting Trevor today.

What has always struck me about Trevor, from that first time he introduced himself in our campaign office, and now five years later, is his passion for public service and his unwavering love for Michigan. Even when he was in Washington, DC, fighting for fairness and equality, I know he was fighting for his neighbors and community back home.

And this time, when he goes to Washington, it should be to serve West Michigan in Congress.

Will you give Trevor the head start he needs and contribute to his campaign today?

We need Trevor, and people like him, who have the energy, the dedication, and the passion for serving the people who elect them.

But it’s going to be a tough start, and an up-hill battle. Rep. Amash has made it clear that he’s more interested in inheriting the Ron Paul legacy than building a better future for Michigan, and he’ll stop at little to realize his own ambitions.

So please, contribute today to make sure Trevor gets off to the best start possible to take on the challenges – and challengers – ahead.

He worked hard for me and the State of Michigan, and I know he’ll work even harder for the people of West Michigan.

I hope you’ll give him your vote, but first, I hope you’ll give him a hand.

Kindest Regards,
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

This endorsement comes at a crucial moment as the country is engaged in a 1960s debate about women’s reproductive freedom and the availability (and even the obtainability!) of contraceptives. Granholm’s bona fides with regards to the issues affecting American women will appeal to Democrats and Independents alike, giving them assurance that Thomas is on their side. Granholm, an Emily’s List endorsee, has championed the rights of women and groups that support reproductive rights like Planned Parenthood. Thomas, a pro-Choice candidate, will be a stark contrast to the anti-woman, anti-Choice, “take-our-country-back(wards)” approach of Republican Justin Amash.

I have spoken with sources inside the Thomas campaign this week and they are energized and excited about the campaign ahead. Fundraising appears to be going very well and their recent polling suggests that he has a very solid shot at winning this seat held by the tea party-supported Amash. The Granholm endorsement surely has given their campaign a solid lift.

Last evening, I spoke with Trevor himself and asked him about the campaign ahead, whether he saw himself getting the nomination. “I’m in this, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” he told me. “We have the infrastructure in place and we’ll be going till November.”

Find out more information about Trevor Thomas and his campaign at his campaign website, TrevorForCongress.com, his Facebook page and by viewing his campaign ads on YouTube. You can follow Thomas on Twitter (@TrevorForCongress), as well.