Bwahahahahaha — February 24, 2012 at 11:43 am

Sarah Palin for President – “Sara 2012”


Herp derp

I managed to get on a Washington Times email list at some point and this morning in my inbox I got an offer for a FREE! Sarah 2012 bumperstick:

The funniest part about this is the article linked in the email I got a site called “The Patriot Update” titled “Palin ‘Game’ for another run?”.

Here’s a smattering of the comments. The misspellings are borderline comedy show.

“I’m a staunch conservative.Unfortunately, it still seems we Republicans don’t have a real “stand out” candidate that makes me feel like they could beat obama. I will tell you this however, partly because of her “dorkiness” and partly because of her inexperience and “quitting” attitude in respect to Alaska, Palin would be the least likely to be able to unseat obama. She should stay in the shadows and be quiet. Almost everything she says is embarrassing.”

“Sarah would have my vote! I’m just not sure we could get enough support, causing a split ticket, and the BOOB would hat back in as in a default!! But if Ron Paul would back off and support her, it could work!

Ron Paul is like Jed Clampit in the office. If he seen bad he would fix it, but he could be swayed by being a good guy. As if he was hood winked… Any I think we would be taken hostage if Ron Paul gets into office!

He jut does not have of the back bone to hold the office and have anything left of this country for our grandchildren to live!”

“Pkese run Sara we need you”

“We need you sara”

“Lest anybody forget, Sarah is smokin’ hot! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president that us guys could be proud of?….LOL
Her t.v. speeches would be the highest ratings for the networks, if she were the pres. Sarah has “beauty, brains and balls”. I mean that as a high compliment. Sarah, you can use that as a campaign slogan, you have my permission…”

“Great! Now Jon Stewart’s program will have to be Android hour long.
Que up Tina Fay. Todd, oh Todd, get me my snow machine and load up my howitser.
We’re having polarbear for breakfast…”

“Palin Is The Best Choice For America, Israel & The World.
If She Doesn’t Run…..She Should Be The Choice For V.P. For Any One That Is President Against Obama.
Then We Can Only Hope That The New President Dies In Office And Palin Becomes President.
For There Is None Worthy To Be President That Sarah Palin.”

“Has anyone looked at Gov. Palin’s record in Alaska? Maybe you have all had some of the Obama Kool-aid and just voted for him because he sounds like Dr. King? Whoopie!!!
Gov. Palin kicked butt in Alaska. She had an 80%+ approval and brought Alaska closer to the good old fashion Conservative course we all need here in the lower 48. Sorry Bamster, the lower 48 not your 57 muslim states.
Palin has the experience to do the job. Barry didn’t have near Palin’s experience and after 3 years the joker still doesn’t know what to do.
Mitt Romney???? Barely better than whats in the White House now. Look at his record people!!!!!! Look at all of their records on how and what they voted on.
Romney = a polished moderate from a liberal state.
Paul = a domestic conservative with a foreign policy that is worse than Barry’s.
Santorum = a good conservative but is he strong willed enuf for the top job?
Gingrich = a good conservative that won’t take any crap from liberals or foreign dictators and has a strong budget balancing past but may be a bit of a hothead.
Palin = a kick butt record in Alaska, smarter than the Couric, entrapment, interview portrayed her, and made of the same stuff that this country was built upon. Guts, a real womans tenderness and ability to raise a good family, intelligence, a spine which is more than you can say about most men nowadays, she don’t take no crap from no one and she is totally hot packin a rifle.
Research all the candidates people. Don’t just listen to their B.S. Thats what got us Obama. Show us you have a brain and RESEARCH.”

Note: these are all cut-and-pastes. I swear I didn’t edit them to make the people look stupid. They did that all on their own. When you can’t even spell the first name of the person you want to be president, you have failed the IQ that allows you to be a voter, in my opinion.

But, truly, the absolutely best, most awesomest thing about this is that the GOP is so completely shattered into fragments right now that there is a measurable percentage of their “base” that thinks Sarah Palin 2012 (or Sara Palin 2012 for some of them) is a mighty fine idea. As my friend LOLGOP often says, President Obama is doing better in the 2012 GOP Primary than he did in the 2008 Democratic Primary.