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Racist Hoekstra ad reframes the conversation, but not how he wanted it to


Missed it by THAT much

Pete Hoekstra is nearly giddy about all the attention his racist ad had garnered.

Hoekstra, a former Republican congressman from Holland, stood his ground Monday, saying the ad did what he wanted: It drew a clear contrast between himself and Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. […]

“We knew we were taking an aggressive approach on this, but we’re in a time when people are fed up with the spending and we wanted to capture that frustration,” Hoekstra said. “It hits Debbie smack-dab between the eyes on the area where she is most vulnerable.”

Let’s have a look at the headlines to see if he has, indeed, reshaped the conversation to talk about Debbie Stabenow’s spendthrift ways.

Yeah, Pete, you’ve really reshaped the conversation, alright. No question about it.

Adding… The Talking Points Memo piece that was also run in AnnArbor.com, has this interesting tidbit:

Washtenaw County, Michigan Commissioner Alicia Ping (R) says she was leaning toward endorsing former Rep. Pete Hoekstra in the Republican primary for Senate. But that’s all over now. On Monday, Ping donated money to Clark Durant, Hoekstra’s longshot rival in the primary. She told me she’d publicly endorse him if Durant asks her to.

Why the change of heart? Hoekstra’s controversial Super Bowl ad, which the Chinese-American Ping called “demeaning”, is a part of it. But it was more Hokestra’s refusal to acknowledge that he’d made a mistake running the ad that really lost him Ping’s support.

“If he didn’t know it was racist on some level, then shame on him,” Ping told me in a phone interview Monday night. “He didn’t apologize or say ‘maybe it was over the top’ or anything. He said, ‘I stand by what I believe in’ and, ‘the liberals are just making a bigger thing out of it.’ Well that’s not the case at all. It’s offensive and it’s racist. It’s demeaning to the Asian-American population.”

But we’ll still have to listen to white people tell us how it’s not racist. Yeesh.