GOP Primary, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum — February 29, 2012 at 11:59 am

Mitt Romney pays $10.40 for every Michigan GOP primary vote


The best nomination money can buy

Yesterday, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney squeeked out a win over his opponent Rick Santorum by a mere three percentage points.

He got 410,517 votes across the state to Santorum’s 378,124. Romney and his supporting PAC (Restore Our Future) outspent Santorum and his supportive PACs (Red White and Blue Fund & Susan B. Anthony List) nearly two-to-one ($4.27 Million to $2.27 Million).

Doing some quick math, Romney spent $10.40 for each vote. Santorum himself spent $6.00.

Also, 9 out of 10 Romney ads were negative. While that might not be “setting his hair on fire” (seems there is at least one thing Romney is not willing to do to win the nomination – muss his majestic coif), it does show how important Michigan was to him.

A three-point win can legitimately be called a loss for the Michigan native who strangely loves the height of our trees.

By the way, just to give you an idea about how much money the GOP is spending on this primary, have a look at this:

Romney Romney Affiliated PACs Santorum Santorum Affiliated PACs Gingrich Gingrich Affiliated PACs Paul Paul Affiliated PACs
AZ $640,687 $46,215 $84,360 $80,436
MI $1,725,866 $2,555,064 $898,919 $1,276,079 $2,752,115 $27,458
First 9 States $12,360,450 $14,405,539 $1,252,003 $1,491,240 $4,680,286 $7,084,580 $436,583
Future Contest States $1,248,419 $5,523,967 $646,511 $255,225 $1,887,631
National $350,000 $40,000
Total $15,334,735 $23,125,257 $2,843,647 $3,106,904 $2,752,115 $6,998,353 $7,152,038 $436,583

It’s enough to make you want to open a media company, isn’t it?

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