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Justin Amash votes against extending middle class tax cuts, Trevor Thomas responds


Tax cuts for the rich, but not for YOU

I don’t know exactly how a tea party politician like Congressman Justin Amash does it exactly, but somehow this guy can justify supporting extending the budget-busting Bush tax cuts but not the middle class tax cuts.

But that’s exactly what he has done.

Trevor Thomas, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run against Amash responded quickly and vigorously.

“With so many folks in Michigan hurting right now and receiving unemployment, Congressman Amash voted to raise taxes on the working class and cut unemployment for those thrown out of work and I believe that’s wrong,” said Thomas. “The people of West Michigan are worried about their next pay check, not who is going to be the next Ron Paul. People cannot afford losing $40 out of their paychecks. I believe we need to put party aside and I fully support the legislation now moving to the President’s desk that will help our families here at home.

Maybe we should all ask Justin Amash exactly how he can justify massive tax breaks for the super rich but not for the tens of millions of middle class Americans for whom these tax cuts make a noticeable impact on their household budgets. Turns out, you’ll have the chance to do that in a couple of weeks when the Tea Party of West Michigan (“Influence policy, effect [sic] elections, protect the Constitution”) sponsors a fireside chat, complete with no actual fireplace, with Amash:

Time: March 3, 2012 from 12:30pm to 2pm
Location: Western Michigan University
Street: 2333 E. Beltline Ave SE
City/Town: Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Event Type: fireside, chat
Organized By: Tina Dupont and Anne Foote

Different location and we may not have an actual fireplace this time but that’s ok we’re sticking with the name. Come one come all, even if you’re not in his district. It starts out as an interview and ends with audience questions. If you’ve never heard him speak before you should come out as it is quite an education about how things work in DC. You’ll probably never find a more open transparent or constitutional member of congress!

To reserve your tickets please go to this link: Tickets Here

There will be a fee of $5 per seat just to cover the room and if we get anything extra we might be able to bring in some snacks.

Soooooo, if you could RSVP right away that would be most excellent.

Wouldn’t it be a fun evening if a whole bunch of folks from around Michigan (note that you don’t need to be from the 3rd District, according to the invitation) showed up and asked Amash some hard questions about why he supports tax cuts for very, very, very wealthy people but not for average Americans, particularly at a time when our economy is struggling to get back on the rails? I think that could be really interesting. Hmmmm…

You can find out information on how to support Trevor Thomas at his website Trevor for Congress.