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Justin Amash to get a solid Democratic challenger??? Maybe so if Trevor Thomas runs.


Trevor Thomas mulls throwing his hat into the ring in MI-03

There is no question that Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District is vulnerable. As a self-identified tea partyer and with the popularity of the failed tea party agenda dwindling more every day, Amash’s own popularity is sinking as well.

Enter Trevor Thomas. Born and raised on the west side of the state, Thomas’ parents were both automotive factory workers. He has spent his life fighting for the middle class, working with struggling young people and and advocating on behalf of our troops. Now, it appears, he is mulling a run for the 3rd District seat.

Last week, DownWithTyranny! ran a post titled “Run, Trevor, Run – Hope in Western Michigan”. In the piece, we first learn the Trevor Thomas may be making a move:

[T]here’s talk of another race by a grassroots activist taking on Justin Amash in the Grand Rapids/Battle Creek area (MI-3). […]

Trevor, who spent five years as a producer and reporter at WOOD-TV and WGVU-TV in Grand Rapids, went on to work for Governor Jennifer Granholm and later helped lead the national effort to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” And he’s done his legwork, meeting with local electeds in the district since November and charting a well-thought out, early grassroots plan to win.

I spoke with Thomas a couple of weeks ago and again this past weekend and he confirmed that he is, indeed, considering a run but has not yet made a final decision.

After spending some time speaking to Trevor Thomas, I came away impressed. He is smart, eloquent, fiery, and charismatic. He is a passionate advocate for the middle class and those without a political voice. At the same time he is pragmatic and a realist. I believe he will appeal to a broad section of Michigan voters. He is pro-Choice, a supporter of the rights of young people, vets and union members and he is decidedly NOT an establishment candidate, something that many voters will find compelling in the current political climate.

We’ll wait to hear from Thomas as he makes his decision. In the meantime, we can enjoy the thought of Democrats picking up another House seat and filling it with a progressive voice with energy and passion for fighting for the underdog: Trevor Thomas.