LIVEBLOG: MLK Day march on home of Mich Governor Rick Snyder


This afternoon is an anti-Emergency Manager law march on the home of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Stop back regularly for photos and updates.

Rick Snyder recall group Michigan Rising on the scene (along with media). Buses starting to roll in.

Lots of ominous-looking black SUVs along the march route. Weird.

3:55 pm – The crowd gathers. Several hundred and its not even the official start time yet.

4:03 – The march begins! Just spoke with Rev. Fred Pinkney from Benton Harbor.

People are walking and taking shuttles to the staging area for the rally near Governor Snyder’s home.

Lots more photos + video after the jump.

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s office cooperatively gives marchers a whole lane.

Staging at Parker Mill County Park near Snyder’s home, ready for some speeches! Crowd of at least 500.

Rare sighting of an African American tea partier, caught in the wild.

Reverend Charles Williams, president of the Detroit branch of the National Action Network that co-organized the event, fires up the crowd.

Heading to Governor Snyder’s home, at least 1000-strong.

Video of marchers. This is about half the crowd.

Video at Snyder’s gated community:

6:00 – Back at the parking lot, buses getting ready to take weary protestors home.

NOTE: Rachel Maddow will be covering the march tonight on her show and my video will be featured. (I was also told they’ “love to have me on the show sometime” and would have had me on tonight if they hadn’t gotten ahold of Reverend David Bullock. Missed it by that much!)

UPDATE: More excellent photos from my wife Anne C. Savage HERE and video from The Rachel Maddow Show coverage (including mention of this blog) HERE.