Barack Obama, Michigan, President Obama, Rick Snyder — January 30, 2012 at 9:47 am

Governor Rick Snyder disses President Obama during his visit to Michigan


President schmesident

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder snubbed President Obama during his visit to Michigan last Friday. Instead of attending the speech at the University of Michigan, Governor Snyder instead gave a speech in Grand Rapids at the Michigan Press Association (MPA) convention. He also didn’t greet the President when he arrived in Michigan on Thursday night.

[W]hen he got the invitation to meet with Obama when he visits Michigan today, Snyder’s spokeswoman Sarah Wurfel, said, “We can’t make it work.”

Snyder was to give a speech to the Michigan Townships Association annual meeting Thursday night in Detroit when Obama was arriving at Metro Airport. And the governor is to speak at noon today at the Michigan Press Association’s annual meeting in Grand Rapids.

I guess it’s better than the greeting he got from the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer…