Emergency Manager Law, Public Act 4 — January 3, 2012 at 7:50 am

Citizens’ referendum to repeal Emergency Manager law has enough signatures


At a Detroit rally yesterday to protest the imposition of an Emergency Manager on the city, Brandon Jessup of Michigan Forward announced that Michigan Forward has gathered over 170,000 petition signatures for their effort to put the repeal of Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law, on the November 2012 ballot. Only 161,305 are needed.

Michigan Forward started the petition campaign to suspend Public Act 4 and put it up for a referendum on the 2012 ballot.

Brandon Jessup, the head of the organization and leader of Stand Up For Democracy, prepared a Powerpoint presentation with action steps and instructions on how audience members could gather more signatures for the petition drive.

He confirmed that campaigners have already gathered 170,000 signatures.

Only 161,305 signatures are needed to freeze the emergency manager law immediately and put it up for a public referendum on the 2012 ballot. The petition drive’s organizers have set a goal of 250,000 signatures, in order to ensure they have enough to pass muster with the Michigan Secretary of State.

“We got to make sure we don’t have any errors,” Jessup said. “Don’t rush this thing through, because this is about our survival.”

Jessup repeated Jan. 18 as a target deadline for delivering the quarter-million signatures to Gov. Snyder.

On that day, Snyder is set to give his “State of the State” address, and will reportedly announce an $800 million budget surplus for the fiscal year.