Michigan — December 9, 2011 at 12:56 pm

Strange weather in the Midwest isn’t just your imagination


Okay THIS is kind of creepy.

Michigan residents have enjoyed or endured a roller-coaster year in terms of weather, and they’re not alone.

Roughly 3,000 monthly weather records — covering rainfall, snowfall, extreme temperatures, fires or drought — have been broken in areas across the country this year, according to data released Thursday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

That includes 1,302 records broken due to high or low temperatures, 1,090 records set for rainfall totals and 549 records for snowfall.

Here in Michigan, record-breaking statistics recorded with three weeks left in the year include:

12 counties that saw record-breaking heat statistics.

Rainfall records in 24 counties.

Snow accumulation records in 13 counties. […]

Michigan is close to breaking its long-standing record for rainfall this year. In 1880, the state recorded 47.7 inches of precipitation — the highest since records started being kept in 1874. This week, the National Weather Service reported Michigan was closing in on that mark.

I know that weather is not the same as climate but, wow, when you look at those statistics, it sure makes you think doesn’t it?