Education — November 30, 2011 at 3:40 pm

New Michigan House Education Committee chair Tom McMillin: Jerk


The Republican chosen to replace recalled Rep. Paul Scott as the chair of the state House Education Committee, Tom McMillin, is, apparently, a first class jerk. Check out this exchange during a recent Committee hearing on lifting the cap on charter schools from GONGWER:

Several in the packed crowd bristled at Mr. McMillin’s way of questioning those testifying, and he also had words with Rep. Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield Township) who didn’t appreciate his answering the question she was asking a charter school advocate.

Following testimony from staff members at the Holly Academy, Ms. Brown asked if they still supported the bill, knowing that SB 618 caps the number of Schools of Excellence, of which Holly Academy is one.

Mr. McMillin interjected and said there will still be excellent schools, because competition and choice will make sure of that, and those that are not doing well won’t succeed.

“Mr. Chairman, I’m asking them the question if you don’t mind,” Ms. Brown said.

Mr. McMillin shot back, saying he was the chair, and asked her if this is how she was going to ask questions.

I hope she told him that, yes, this is exactly how she was going to ask questions. You know, by asking a question. A good question for McMillin is, “Are you going to be an asshole all the time?”

McMillin’s comment certainly is revealing, though. “Those that are not doing well won’t succeed” shows you how experimental this whole thing is. Experimenting with our kids’ education on an unlimited basis should be a cause for concern for all Michiganders.