Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers, Public Act 4 — November 3, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Calling ANN ARBOR-area progressives: Petition drive for the repeal of Public Act 4 NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!


The effort by Michigan Forward to repeal the odious Emergency Manager Law in Michigan (Public Act 4) is nearing the final stages. However, they are still short of the necessary signatures to put this on the ballot in February. Many of the folks who were working the hardest on signature gathering over the summer were teachers who have now gone back to the classrooms.

This is where YOU come in. If you are in the Ann Arbor-area, we need YOU to sign up to collect signatures. You can do so by heading over to this Google spreadsheet and signing up to help collect signatures at polling places all over the state on Election Day next week — Tuesday, November 8th. This is multi-city petition drive, organized by AFSCME and other volunteers, is part of a campaign to gather the remaining signatures necessary to win the repeal referendum.

This effort is running in tandem to the lawsuit filed by the Sugar Law Center. It’s essential that we put this to a vote of Michigan citizens to send a signal loud and clear that we will not stand for the Republicans’ efforts to disenfranchise Michiganders and take away their constitutionally-derived right to run their local governments as they wish.

It’s crunch time, folks. Please help if you can.

Again, to sign up, head over —> HERE.