Michigan Republicans — November 22, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Almost-secret hearing on Mich Workers Compensation changes happening TODAY!


For those of you reaching this post via Susan Demas’ silly article wherein she calls out some random liberal blogger on the internet, assigns his opinion as that of “the left”, and then files the story as “news”, I commend your attention to THIS POST.

Last week, I wrote about proposed changes to Michigan’s Workers Compensation laws being put through by Republicans. The House has already passed the legislation and it is now being considered in the Senate as House Bill 5002. These changes rely on the use of imaginary wages and imaginary pensions to intentionally cut benefits for injured workers.

Senate Republicans know damn well this legislation is going over like a turd in a crystal punchbowl in our state. In order to sneak this through, Sen. Mark Jansen, the chair of the Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee is holding hearing on the bill NEXT WEEK. Why is this significant? Because the Senate is still on their fall break next week and it’s a holiday week, virtually assuring poor attendance and minimal press and coverage.

That hearing, being held during the legislature’s Thanksgiving break is happening TODAY. We Are The People Michigan will be live-tweeting the event and you can follow their tweets HERE.

You can still sign the petition to the Senate Committee HERE. If you live in the U.P., you can send this petition directly to Senator Tom Casperson by clicking HERE. If you live around Commerce Twp, Highland Twp, South Lyon, Novi, Northville, White Lake, Milford and Wixom (entire district HERE), you can send a petition to Mike Kowall HERE.