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Reporter writes an entire piece about how I am wrong and spells my blog’s name wrong throughout – Updated


I guess I ought to be flattered that Susan Demas at MLive took an entire article to tell me how wrong I am: Left complains about ‘almost secret’ workers’ compensation hearing on TV right now.

I just wish she would have gotten my blog’s name spelled right.

While promoting the liberal group We Are The People Michigan’s efforts against HB 5002, the liberal blogger “Electablog” wrote a piece today with this headline: Almost-secret hearing on Mich Workers Compensation changes happening TODAY!

There are a few problems with that statement. Mainly, that it’s not secret at all.

For one thing, the Senate hearing was properly posted on the Michigan Legislature’s website and has been there since last week. And for another, it’s being shown live on Senate TV right now.

And third, there’s a packed crowd of people fully aware of the hearing, so
much so that it’s standing-room only in Rooms 402 and 403 of the Capitol.

Mr. Electablog argues…

I say more power to Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Chair Mark Jansen (R-Fawn River Twp.) for working in Lansing this week.

I can take my lumps. I wouldn’t put my opinions out there if I couldn’t. I happen to disagree with her that it’s perfectly normal to schedule such a controversial hearing during a legislative break. I also think she doesn’t realize that the main reason that hearing room is so packed is that We Are The People and lefty bloggers like me have been spreading the word about it for a week now.

But, hey, maybe she’s right. Maybe most of the legislators don’t actually leave town during the Thanksgiving break (despite arguments to the contrary when called on it by Gretchen Whitmer last week.) The House isn’t having ANY committee meetings this week and there are only three in the Senate but perhaps that’s normal. I realize it’s on Senate TV and was on the Senate website. That’s why I said “almost”-secret. My contention is that they chose this week intentionally because it’s a holiday week, most people are distracted by that and most anyone who cares knows the legislature is on break. Still, I’ll concede that, as she says right at the beginning of her piece, “reasonable people can disagree”.

But, seriously, you write an entire article about how some unpaid blogger is wrong and then spell the blog’s name wrong twice in the piece? And that’s “news”?

Aye, aye, aye… I hope she got my tweet about it.

Apparently, I also represent the entire “left”. Sorry, guys. I had no idea.

UPDATE: Apparently she did get my tweet. It has been corrected.

UPDATE 2: Ooo. Touchy, touchy.

Seriously? You write an entire piece for one of the bigger media outlets in the state criticizing some nobody blogger and then get pissy when he tweaks your nose right back? Seriously? How very professional.

And, for the record, you won’t find the phrase “super secret” in anything I have written about this.

  • LOL  So ECLEC-TA-BLOG , does this mean the article Ms. Demas wrote is about someone else?  SMGDH  Nothing worse than misspelling the lead character’s name.

    • I just can’t get over that the only piece she wrote today was a piece criticizing some unpaid blogger. Seriously? That’s news? That’s political analysis???

      • aielman

        I get it. Journalists, the very few of them that are left, don’t like bloggers. Nobody vets what they say. There’s no editors or fact checkers, but people take what they say as gospel.

        Case in point, this piece she references. It was not, in fact, a secret meeting. It’s on the schedule. It’s publicly available in multiple locations, and it is withou8t doubt something that EVERY legislator’s staff knows about. If they choose not to show up, that’s on them and their staff.

        But…and this is a big but, this person is bitching about a blogger and can’t bother to fact check the name…which really kills her credibility even if what she wrote was right.

      • Chris, you have to remember that anything, even if its grammar lacking….non-worthy for a news story….is news when ‘journalists’ have nothing else to write about. You know, they are ‘so-much better’ than us bloggers….yeah, right. Guess Susan’s editors took a early Thanksgiving holiday break before she published this story.

        Also, remember if they where not worried about you, they wouldn’t be talking about your blog….

  • DDZ

    This is good. It means you are getting under the skin of these fools. Keep up the good work!

  • Funny!  We libs are used to brickbats but Geez, at least get our names right!  By the way, I Googled “Electablog” and Google nicely steered me to “Eclectablog”.  (There used to be an Electablog website but it merged with someone else’s site, so it’s no more.  I was going to suggest you buy the domain name and use it as a portal but it’s not available.  Too bad.)

    • Yeah, I emailed the guy who owns Electablog a year or so ago and offered to buy it from him but he never responded. I think he gets free traffic from me ; )

  • Muskegon Critic

    Wheeee! I usually like Susan Demas’s stuff.

  • Ms. Dumass, er, I mean Demas, apparently never utilized the old RIF (Reading is Fundamental) program, or she might have understood the point of your piece and saved herself some embarassment.

  • Chris, personally I wouldn’t let Susan get under your skin. With her various spelling and grammar mistakes in her articles, I thought she was just a freelance sometime writer at MLive and definitively not one of their main ‘journalists’. Maybe they should hire you to write for MLive since spelling, correct grammar and accurate articles are your strong suit. But then, WWSD (What Would Susan Do)…LOL! Guess she’ll be out of a job, huh?