Ann Arbor, Michigan — October 30, 2011 at 10:03 am

More details on the “Death of the Middle Class” Eric Cantor protest in Ann Arbor


As I reported last week, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is giving a speech on Monday to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

>> NOTE: the event itself is at the Michigan League Building, not the Ford School. <<
>> Also, please note the new start time of NOON. <<

In honor of his Halloween visit, a protest is being held to welcome Mr. Cantor to Michigan. The event is being billed as a “Death of the Middle Class” protest. “Eric Cantor” will preside over a “Funeral for the Middle Class” during the protest. There will be a funeral procession and “Cantor” will deliver a eulogy, after which, it is reported, he will feed the Middle Class’s mortal remains to Zombie Bankers.

Over 100 people have signed up to attend on the event’s Facebook page.


WHEN: 12:00 noon, Monday, October 31

WHAT: Funeral Procession, Protest and Eulogy given by “Cantor” impersonator

WHO: University of Michigan Planners Network
Protect Your Care Michigan
Washtenaw Community Action Team

WHERE: University of Michigan League
911 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI

Below is a printable flyer (PDF).

Click the image for a printable flyer (PDF)

Please plan to attend if you are able, bring some friends, and share this information widely. Let’s give Eric Cantor a big Michigan Middle Class welcome as he presides over the Death of the Middle Class.

RSVP on Facebook HERE.