Michigan — September 8, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Big shake-up in southeastern Michigan Democratic Congressional districts & candidates


We all knew this was coming after the Michigan Republicans had their way with the redistricting of Michigan’s Congressional districts. Today we found out what the outcome would be. The 13th and 14th districts which comprise the area in and around Detroit have been rejiggered to force showdowns between several popular incumbent and freshmen Democrats. Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • 46-year incumbent John Conyers, Jr. will run in the newly configured 13th District, abandoning his current 14th District.
  • Freshman Hansen Clark is leaving his 13th District to run in the 14th District.
  • Two-termer Gary Peters will leave the 9th District to run in the 14th District (meaning a primary against Hansen Clark.)
  • 28-year veteran Sander Levin will leave the 12th District to run in the newly formed 9th District.

Confused? Me too. Add to all of this other potential candidates:

  • Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, Rep. Tim Melton (Auburn Hills) and Southfield Treasurer Irv Lowenberg are all considering runs in the 14th District.
  • State Sen. Bert Johnson (Highland Park), and State Rep. Shanelle Jackson (Detroit) are running in the 13th District and attorney Godfrey Dillard is considering it as well.

Mass confusion, gleefully brought to you by the Michigan Republican Party. Mission accomplished.