GOP, Republican-Fail, Republicans — August 13, 2011 at 11:49 am

Newsweek columnist John Avlon asks “Are Republicans at war with reality?”


Whoa. A mainstream media figure gets it. John Avlon, senior columnist at Newsweek and Daily Beast contributor asks, in a piece for CNN, “Are Republicans at war with reality?”.

So here’s what I learned watching Thursday night’s Republican debate:

States’ rights should rule the day, unless you’re gay.

Small government is the rule unless a rapist impregnates his victim.

Loyalty oaths should be the new normal.

Ten-to-one spending cuts to tax increases is an ideologically unacceptable compromise.

And refusing to raise the debt ceiling is a stand for fiscal responsibility even if it were to trigger an immediate default.

The action onstage in Ames, Iowa, on Thursday night provided a portrait of a grand old party that seems increasingly at war with reality itself. Responsible governance and philosophic consistency were endangered species in this political arena.

Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning. Maybe, just maybe, mainstream media pundits, journalists and columnists are starting to realize the emperor has no clothes.