Bloggety Blah Blah Blah — August 3, 2011 at 7:06 am

New Eclectafeature:


You may have noticed that I added some new functionality to Eclectablog last week. It’s a plugin called The idea of is that you can rate famous people that are mentioned in any particular blog entry.

There are two ways you can do this. The first is that you will see famous people’s names show up in pink font in the blog entry. Hover your cursor over their name and a little quick vote box pops up. You can give that celebrity, politician or other famous person a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and even comment on them.

You can also go to the comments in any particular blog entry (by clicking the comments link or clicking the blog entry’s title and scrolling down to the bottom.) There, in addition to the Disqus commenting, you’ll see tabs for any famous people mentioned in the blog entry.

Click on the tab and you’ll see others’ votes and can vote there yourself if you haven’t already. If the others’ votes are from other blog entries, you’ll be able to click through to the blog entry where they voted/commented.

The idea is to enrich your visit a bit, have you click around to other entries, and maybe get into discussions in addition to the blog itself. loads quickly and doesn’t interfere with your visit at all. It’s a neat way to make your Eclectaexperience just a bit more interesting.

You can see another blog that uses HERE.

I’d be curious to hear your feedback on so drop me a line anytime or just leave a Disqus comment and I’ll see it. If you have any problems or questions, just let me know. I’m one of the early adopters of so it will be interesting to see if it takes off.