MI-07 — August 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Michiganders Express Buyer’s Remorse, Deliver “Return Ballots” to Rep. Tim Walberg’s Office


From my friends at Working America:

Working America members to hold lawmakers accountable for ignoring jobs crisis.

On Thursday August 18th, Working America members and organizers will gather at a “Buyer’s Remorse” booth in Jackson, MI to accept “return” ballots from Michiganders who are disgusted with the broken promises of Rep. Walberg who told voters that he would focus on creating jobs and strengthening the economy while in office.

The return booth – one of several being installed across the country this month while federal lawmakers are home for an August recess – will provide Michiganders the opportunity to hold Rep. Walberg accountable for ignoring the devastating jobs crisis while focusing on advancing an extreme political agenda that includes voting to protect tax loopholes for the rich, pledging to protect the outsourcing of Michigan jobs and supporting to privatize Medicare.

WHO: Working America members, organizers and friends

WHAT: Buyer’s Remorse Booth, “Return” Ballot collection and delivery

WHEN: Thursday, August 18th at 2PM ET

WHERE: Representative Tim Walberg’s District Office
800 West Ganson St. Jackson, MI 49202

Working America, a community represents 3 million people and is the fastest-growing organization for working people in the country. For more information, go to www.workingamerica.org.

The Facebook event page is HERE.

From some more of my friends at We Are the People:

CONTACT: Zack Pohl, We Are the People, 517-980-6190
CONTACT: John Freeman, Protect Your Care, 313-655-7945

Walberg sides with CEOs and Wall Street bankers over middle class families

JACKSON – Local workers and citizens gathered outside the district office of U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) in Jackson today to ask “Where are the jobs?” Walberg repeatedly asked the question during last year’s political campaign, however, this summer the Congressman voted for a House Republican budget that would cause the loss of roughly 700,000 jobs and force deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (pdf).

“Congressman Walberg needs to get his priorities straight,” said Zack Pohl of We Are The People. “He can either be a puppet for radical extremists and powerful special interests, or he can focus on creating jobs for Michigan workers. It’s time for Washington politicians to stop the power struggles and start working together to get our economy moving again.”

The demonstration is part of a growing number of protests against Members of Congress this month by Americans who are fed up with politicians who side with CEOs and Wall Street bankers over middle class families and have failed to create jobs. The protesters are vowing to hold Rep. Walberg and other politicians accountable in next year’s elections and vote out anyone who doesn’t invest in creating quality jobs for the middle class.

“Tim Walberg’s campaign to cut Medicare is radically out of touch with the reality of thousands of seniors in his district who rely on Medicare for life-saving prescriptions and medical services,” said John Freeman of Protect Your Care. “Tim Walberg needs to listen to the seniors, families and dedicated workers that he represents – not the insurance companies and donors with deep pockets.”

While 30 million Americans are looking for work, corporate profits are at a record high and Wall Street banks have made over $100 billion in profits since taxpayers bailed them out. Protesters want Congress to end tax breaks and loopholes for CEOs, hedge fund managers and others, and make big, profitable corporations pay their fair share of taxes so America can invest in creating quality jobs here at home.


  • During the 2010 campaign, Tim Walberg wrote a letter to then-Congressman Schauer asking, “Where are the jobs?” [Walberg for Congress]
  • Michigan’s unemployment rate has increased for two straight months. [MLive, 7/21/11]
  • Instead of focusing 100% of his energy on jobs, Walberg continued to raise questions about President Obama’s birth certificate at a recent meeting with Tea Party activists. [Daily Telegram, 8/12/11]