Michigan — August 15, 2011 at 12:23 pm

John Waltz’s press release regarding his run for MI-06


As I reported last week, John Waltz is running for Congress in Michigan’s 6th District. Today, he released a press release about his bid.

Who: John W. Waltz
What: John Waltz filing to run for US Congress in Kalamazoo, Michigan
When: 11:30 AM August 15th, 2011

Contact person: Finance Director Justin O’Brien 315.247.2888. justin.m.o.obrien@gmail.com

The 2012 election is a whole new ball-game and last week John Waltz filed to run for the 6th Congressional District after 7 months of grassroots involvement in local recall elections.

John’s statements on Congressman Upton:
“Fred has been playing short-sighted games with his vote on the debt ceiling. He’s been too wrong for too long.”

“It is obvious that Washington has changed Fred more than Fred’s changed Washington.”

“Ultimately this campaign isn’t all about money, it’s about people.”

Statement on running for office in his hometown
“This is something I’ve been seriously considering since January when after my first run at office my wife and I began getting involved with the recall elections. We’ve been laying the groundwork to exercise this option should it come to it and that’s what I did last week.

Two things happened that made me file; 1 Upton was placed on the GOP negotiating team to deal with our nation’s crisis and 2 the recall efforts weren’t strong enough. I had to do more. So, I put together a step by step grassroots organizing plan with some local leaders. I’m going to be conducting house meetings to listen to what people need. We’ll be organizing small business endorsements and bringing folks together regardless of political orientation over the next year and change.”

People are struggling, we need real solutions, not millionaire career politicians, I mean the guy has been there since 1987.

John’s statement on the campaign going forward:
“I believe our country is on the brink of losing its soul and the direction we will go in after 2012 will either shred our way of life or rebuild the middle class. Anything is possible. For the first phase of the campaign I’m setting a goal of 500 individual contributions over the course of the next 6 weeks. The amount I raise is going to pale in comparison to what Upton will bring in. His FEC report is going to be covered with big oil money, mega bank donations and a variety of special interests. But this campaign isn’t all about money, it’s about people. A better indicator of our strength will be the total number of contributors we have because while he’s getting his money from a few, I’ll be standing with an army of hundreds of working families, volunteers and concerned citizens by election day.

I’m going to be in people’s living rooms and kitchens listening to what people want out of a their representative and figuring out who’s in this with me. My message is clear; it’s time to make your voice heard. It’s time to stand up and fight back for the average person.

Feel free to call me with any questions my cell phone is (269) 365-5113.”

Statement regarding Fred Upton’s selection to the Super Committee
“Seeing how his policy ideas are being completely driven by the Tea Party I fully expect him to propose privatizing social security, gutting the EPA, gutting medicare, gutting the VA budget and allowing the 1,400 millionaires who didn’t pay one red cent in income taxes last year to continue not lifting a finger to help get our country out of this mess. Why? Because Fred Upton is a millionaire and totally out of touch with our community.”

A tactical assessment of the district reveals a few distinguishing factors:

  • Fred Upton is a policy leader within the Tea Party but they’re actually saying he’s not radical enough.
  • He votes against the President on every major issue; anti-EPA, “wants to repeal healthcare” Law, & is a roadblock to bipartisan negotiations.
  • The district has an about even voter registration, but Upton only cares about appealing to the Tea Party.
  • Fred Upton caters to a very small pocket of influential wealthy power brokers and we need fresh blood in the Capitol.

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