Bwahahahahaha, Republican-Fail — August 1, 2011 at 11:19 pm

The job-killing things I hate


I have decided that, from now on, everything that I dislike will be the Job-Killing [Thing That I Don’t Like].

For example, if I get a (veggie) burger at my local pub and it’s not cooked right? It’s The Job-Killing Veggie Burger.

If I don’t like the final winner of American Idol, it will be the The Job-Killing Scotty McCreery.

If my neighbor acts like a dick, he’s My Job-Killing Neighbor.

Why? Because the damn Republicans do it and it seems to work. We have a huge unemployment issue right now and a recession in which the government needs to put aside worrying about deficit spending and do what it takes to stimulate the economy. But, the Republicans call absolutely everything the Dems and Obama do The Job-Killing This and The Job-Killing That. The Job-Killing Deficit and Job-Killing Health Insurance Reform and Job-Killing Government Regulation

They manage to do this even though all of these things actually have the potential to get us OUT of the recession and help trim the deficit over time and actually help put people back to work. Of course, it doesn’t help that the media is entirely complicit, parroting back these Job-Killing memes as if they had meaning and were in some way rational or relevant.

So that’s my plan: The Job-Killing label will be applied to everything I don’t like and I fully expect it to work as well for me as it does for the GOP.

And if my boss starts acting dickish, he can take My Job-Killing Job and shove it.