Michigan, Rick Snyder — July 27, 2011 at 8:40 am

“Coming together” gets redefined by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder


This is rich:

Lawmakers in Washington should look to Michigan “as a good role model for success” as they try to resolve a battle over raising the national debt ceiling that is approaching a crisis, Gov. Rick Snyder said today.

“I mean that,” Snyder said during a tour of the Delray area of southwest Detroit where he met with residents and community leaders to discuss a new bridge that’s planned across the Detroit River.

“We didn’t have a truly balanced budget for a long time,” but “we came to an agreement together.”

Considering the Snyder is Republican and works with a state House and Senate that have Republican majorities, saying that “we came to an agreement together” is an absolute lie. Democrats have fought Snyder and his GOP House and Senate friends tooth and nail from the beginning. Democrats have decidedly NOT “come together” with Snyder. However, because they have no power in the State legislature, they were unable to affect the outcome of any of these battles.

Snyder is living in a bubble. He does not have to deal with any serious opposition to anything he is trying to do and has continued to use the far-right members of the legislature to do his dirty work for him. That’s not coming together, not by any far stretch of the imagination. If he were forced to deal with Democrats, his so-called “model for success” would look a whole lot different. In fact, it would probably look a whole lot like what’s happening in Congress at the moment.