Michigan — June 8, 2011 at 6:53 am

UPDATED: More Michigan Republicans facing recalls – tally now at 20!


Here’s what we have so far:

Pat Somerville (23rd House District)
Anthony Forlini (24th House District)
Jeff Farrington (30th House District)
Andrea LaFontaine (32nd House District)
Mark Ouimet (52nd House District)
Rick Olson (55th House District)
Dale Zorn (56th House District)
House Speaker Jase Bolger (63rd House District)
Al Pscholka (79th House District) – Donate to his recall effort HERE.
Kurt Damrow (84th House District)
Joel Johnson (97th House District)

Mike Nofs (19th Senate District) – Petition language just approved.
Judy Emmons (33rd Senate District)
John Moolenaar (36th Senate District)
Howard Walker (37th Senate District)

And now comes:

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (17th Senate District)
Mike Green (31st Senate District)
Tom Casperson (38th Senate District)

UPDATE: Thanks to Longdaniel2 in the comments, I missed a couple more:

Mike Shirkey (65th House District)
Nancy Jenkins (57th House District)

If my abacus is working properly, that brings the total to 18 20 members of the state legislature looking to pay the price for their support of Rick Snyder’s Big Money GiveawayTM to his business pals.

Note that paperwork has not yet been filed in all of these targeted recalls. In the 52nd House District, for example, work is underway to find someone to submit the appropriate paperwork. One group, Heartland Revolution is helping organizers to put together the required papers and will help train and organize petitions circulators in some of these local recalls. Need more info? Contact me!