Ann Arbor — June 30, 2011 at 9:43 am

Homophobic stalker Andrew Shirvell keeps on Shirvelling


Dude, give it up.

Andrew Shirvell doesn’t believe he did anything wrong in his time as an assistant state attorney general for Michigan. And even if he did, he doesn’t think he deserved to get fired, according to filings with the state Civil Service Commission.

Shirvell was fired in early November amid controversy surrounding his blog that attacked then-University of Michigan student body President Chris Armstrong, who is openly gay. On his blog, Shirvell, a U-M alumnus, said Armstrong was promoting a “radical homosexual agenda,” among other claims.

The AG’s office — which accused Shirvell of using his work computer for the blog and then lying to investigators about it — ultimately let him go for “conduct unbecoming a state employee.”


On Wednesday, Shirvell lost an attempt to have a deposition, scheduled for July 6, sealed from public view

The judge told him, in professional and legal terms, to shut up and go home.

“(Shirvell) sets forth zero legitimate basis for his highly unusual request to seal his deposition in its entirety. If embarrassment of a deponent was a criteria, virtually every deposition taken would be sealed.

“Ironically, Defendant Shirvell has had no problem publicly attacking (Armstrong) for all the world to hear and see, but now wants the truth or lack thereof behind his accusations to never see the light of day. (Shirvell’s) deposition is an opportunity for both parties to set the record straight, and it is telling that (Shirvell) does not welcome that opportunity.”

Heh, heh. Go away, homophobe.