Michigan — May 26, 2011 at 11:07 am

Rep. Peters invites Sen. McCain to Michigan to rub his nose in the auto industry recovery


Remember way back in 2008 when presidential candidate John McCain was dead set against the loans being given to our domestic vehicle manufacturers to prevent the entire industry from collapsing? It has turned out to be a big win for President Obama and his administration since then, but John McCain didn’t think it was a good idea at all:

I regret the president’s decision to give away over $17 billion to the domestic automakers. Just last week, the Senate rejected a bailout plan because it failed to provide assurances that the domestic manufacturers would fundamentally change the way they do business to ensure their long-term viability. I find it unacceptable that we would leave the American taxpayer with a tab of tens of billions of dollars while failing to receive any serious concessions from the industry.

Well, Michigan Congressman Gary Peters, who, of course, supported the loans from the beginning, has invited Senator McCain to swing by Michigan for a big heaping cup of STFU ‘Cause I Told You So Blend.

A Michigan congressman is inviting U.S. Sen. John McCain to visit Chrysler’s headquarters so he can “see the automotive industry’s recovery” for himself.

In a letter sent to McCain on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Gary Peters encourages the Arizona Republican to meet with autoworkers in Michigan so he “can hear from them firsthand how they were able to prove you wrong.”

Heh, heh. Think he’ll come? He bailed on Michigan (and on the automotive industry) during the 2008 election campaign so my money is on “hell no”.