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Homophobe & former asst. AG Andrew Shirvell still making a mockery of our court system


I have written about the pathetic excuse for a public servant that is Andrew Shirvell before (here and here). To recap, he was stalking University of Michigan student body president, Chris Armstrong, posting offensively Photoshopped images on an anti-Armstrong website, writing defamatory things about Armstrong (an openly gay man) and conducting one-man protests outside the home of Shirvell and his friends and family. It got so bad the Shirvell was eventually banned from campus.

I should mention that Shirvell was also an Assistant Attorney General in Lansing, a job he has been fired from.

Chris Armstrong finally sued Shirvell.

And now Shirvell is playing the victim card.

Former assistant state attorney general and University of Michigan alumnus Andrew Shirvell, who was named in a stalking and harassment lawsuit last month, said in a filing last week he is the real victim and that the case has ruined his reputation and livelihood.

Shirvell, who is representing himself, was sued last month by Chris Armstrong, who was the first openly gay University of Michigan student body president.

AnnArbor.com has more:

Shirvell alleges that Armstrong is to blame for his firing. He claims Armstrong filed a “meritless request” for a personal protection order against him, demanded U-M issue him a trespass warning and put out a press release falsely claiming he was engaging in “reckless, bullying behavior.”

“Plaintiff’s course of conduct was politically motivated and intended to make an example out of Defendant in order to deter others from criticizing Plaintiff’s homosexual activist agenda,” the filing says.

Shirvell is seeking relief from the court, claiming Armstrong’s conduct has caused him to lose income and brought on emotional distress, depression and other issues.

As I wrote in a piece last October when Shirvell pulled another court stunt like this: hopefully this request will be thrown back in Shirvell’s face with a mocking laugh. Maybe even a fine for wasting the court’s time.