Barack Obama, President Obama, Republican-Fail — April 1, 2011 at 8:50 am

Unemployment at 2-year low


You know, if this keeps up, Barack Obama is going to end up getting reelected in 2012.

The unemployment rate fell to a two-year low of 8.8 percent in March and companies added workers at the fastest two-month pace since before the recession began.

The Labor Department says the economy added 216,000 new jobs last month, offsetting layoffs of local governments. Factories, retailers, education, health care and an array of professional and financial services expanded payrolls.

Private employers, the backbone of the economy, drove nearly all of the gains. They added 230,000 jobs last month, on top of 240,000 in February. It was the first time private hiring topped 200,000 in back-to-back months since 2006 — more than a year before the recession started.

Guess all that Republican focus on job creation destroying unions, rolling back women’s access to safe, LEGAL abortions, and making sure sharia law doesn’t become the law of the land is really paying off for them, eh? Thankfully, I don’t think anyone is going to give them credit for an improving economy since they haven’t done a goddam thing to help with it.

I’m just sayin’…