GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail — April 18, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Secession-supporting Texas governor asks for federal aid


Mr. Secessionist himself, Texas Governor Rick Perry is asking for federal help:

Gov. Rick Perry has appealed to President Barack Obama to declare the state a major disaster area as wildfires strike or threaten all but two of the state’s 254 counties…

A “major disaster declaration” would make the state eligible for help in responding to and recovering from the emergency.

Of course, they should receive the help they are asking for. That’s what the federal government is here for, in part. But isn’t it ironic that a man who thinks secession is something that Texas should consider is now holding out his hand to the Federal government in his time of need.

It’s not the first time, either. Not even the second time.


I’m just sayin’…