Benton Harbor, Michigan, Recall Rick Snyder, Rick Snyder — April 27, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Jean Klock Park and Harbor Shores Golf Course (VIDEO)


Video I shot today from one of the holes on the Harbor Shores golf course that were built on public land donated to the City of Benton Harbor for use as the Jean Klock Park.

I should note that I made an error in the commentary I was giving while I shot this video. The City of Benton Harbor did not give the land to Harbor Shores for three holes of their golf course. They lease it to them. So, theoretically, they could revoke the lease and then Harbor Shores would be the only 15-hole luxury golf course in Michigan. Correction: the only 15-hole golf course of ANY kind in Michigan. Maybe even the country.

Lots more Benton Harbor stuff to come with photos and video shot by my wife and more commentary.

By the way, if you’re anywhere close to southwestern Michigan on Saturday, May 7th, you should make it a point to be in Benton Harbor that day. Governor Rick Snyder will be the Grand Marshal and Congressman Al Pscholka, Father of the Emergency Finance Manager Law will be in the parade as well.

Should be a real entertaining event.

I’m just sayin’…