Uncategorized — April 20, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Apology accepted!


Apparently Rachel Maddow got at least a bit of an earful about mispronouncing my name on her show last night, calling me Electablog. (Well at least one tweet from me ;) It’s a common mistake, so, whatevs. I kinda facepalmed it, had some fun on Twitter with it and moved on.

Tonight I got this tweet:

I hereby submit to @Eclectablog my mispronunciation apology! Keep up the ace work on #BentonHarbor and #BigGovtConservatism in MI.

I then got 41 new Twitter followers over the next three hours. Whoa!

One of them was this one:

One of 702 she follows? And she has over 1.8 million followers?

Awesome sauce.

I’m just sayin’…