Barack Obama, Michigan, President Obama — February 10, 2011 at 1:18 pm

President Obama in Michigan today – Snowbama!


President Obama is in the far northern reaches of Michigan today to kick off his drive to extend high-speed internet to 98% of the country.

President Barack Obama’s visit to Marquette today is intended to highlight the benefits of widespread access to broadband service and promote his plan for a National Wireless Initiative to make high-speed wireless Internet services available to 98% of all Americans, the White House said in a briefing Wednesday.

The cost of the latter will be borne by proceeds from the sale of 500 MHZ of wireless spectrum, estimated to net about $27.8 billion over the next decade, administration officials said.
That will support $5 billion in spending to expand wireless broadband, $3 billion for wireless research and development, and $10.7 billion to deploy a nationwide system of wireless communication for law enforcement officials.

Hopefully the President and his team are dressed warm. It’s a balmy 13°F in Marquette today. Which is a LOT warmer than the -9°F with windchill that I encountered driving to work this morning.

By the way, those t-shirts in the picture above are from the Casualties Skate Snow Surf shop in Marquette. They’re only $25 a piece ; )

I’m just sayin’… (and freezin’…)