Conservatives, Organizing For America — January 21, 2011 at 7:48 am

The OFA = “the brown shirts” meme never dies


After my Twitter exchange with some fierce anti-gun control zealots earlier this week, in addition to being called a “freedom-hating communist”, I was also accused yet again of being a Nazi:

@Dagny_Galt, I see that @Eclectablog is a brown-shirt…openly states he’s an #OFA community organizer…Sad, just sad. #NRA #guncontrol

This is not the first time an OFA volunteer has been called a brown shirt, nor will it be the last. I wrote extensively about this last year in a blog called MI House candidate: “OFA is the equiv. of the brown shirts”.

I also posted the Wikipedia description of the brown shirts (aka, “Sturmabteilung” or SA.):

The SA carried out numerous acts of violence against socialist groups throughout the 1920s, typically in minor street-fights called Zusammenstöße (‘collisions’).

Their maxims were “Terror must be broken by terror” and “All opposition must be stamped into the ground”.

Yes, the Democrats have a group of volunteers that work to elect candidates and advocate for legislation. So do the Republicans. In fact, the Republicans have been at this in an organized way FAR longer than the Democrats have.

But because we’re Democrats, we’re Nazis. Honestly, I’m pretty sure Godwin’s Law was pretty much invented for today’s conservatives.

I’m just sayin’…