GOPocrisy, Republicans — January 21, 2011 at 11:11 am

No, seriously. Where ARE the jobs bills? – UPDATED


So far in the 112th Congress, the Republicans haven’t introduced a single jobs bill.

However, from the Republicans, as of today we have at least:

  • 16 bills to repeal all or parts of the Affordable Care Act
  • 7 bills/resolutions to require a balanced federal budget
  • 5 bills to repeal the estate tax (which benefits only the über-wealthy)
  • A bill to repeal Wall Street Reform
  • 6 bills to restrict women’s access to abortions
  • A bill to take polar bears off the Endangered Species list
  • A bill to pull federal funding of public radio
  • Six bills and a resolution to increase oil drilling in the US and to prevent federal regulation of greenhouse gases
  • A bill to remove certain Federal restrictions on interstate firearms transactions
  • A bill to prohibit paying salaries of “czars” and a resolution that they should be required to get Congressional approval
  • A bill to prevent US-born children of undocumented immigrants from being designated as U.S. citizens
  • A bill to allow employers that provide health insurance to count that toward their minimum wage compensation
  • A bill to prevent the federal government from regulating the internet
  • A bill to permanently reduce individual income tax rates
  • A bill to require States’ approval of national monument creation in their state
  • A bill to require the heads of all four branches of the military to sign off on DADT before it can be implemented
  • A bill to rename two buildings after Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush
  • A bill to require that Gitmo be kept open and that only military commissions be used to try the inmates held there
  • A bill to prevent the posting of signs indicating work being done/paid for under the Recovery Act
  • A resolution to repeal the 16th Amendment

Call your member of Congress and ask them a simple question: “When will you be sponsoring a jobs bill?”

As I have noted before, Republicans have been hammering the Democrats and President Obama pretty heavily and consistently for the past two years about jobs and the economy. You would think they’d come right out of the chute ready to promote their job-creating agenda. But, as you can see, they have other priorities.

UPDATE: After all the talk about the “uncertainty” created by Democrats’ initiatives, this laundry list from the Republicans is truly the height of GOPocrisy. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann even introduced a bill called “The End Tax Uncertainty Act”. As usual, Tom Toles has it right:

I’m just sayin’…

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