Michigan — January 20, 2011 at 6:39 pm

The Michigan US House members love them some Affordable Care Act repeal


Yesterday I posted the results of an analysis I did of all 242 Republicans in the US House of Representatives. I looked at the bills & resolutions each of these men and women had sponsored and cosponsored. What I found was that, on average, 46% of the bills any individual sponsored or co-sponsored was related to the partial or complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

There are 13 bills related to the repeal of the ACA and 3 resolutions. They are listed, with links, on my blog.

I thought I’d take a look at how the Michigan GOP delegation measured up (since I’m from Michigan and all. Well, it looks like our Republicans are over-achievers. With the national average at 46%, the Michigan GOPers weigh in at a hefty 63%!

Here’s the data:

Name District Repeal vs. total %
Dan Benishek MI-01 3/3 100%
Bill Huizenga MI-02 2/5 40%
Justin Amash MI-03 2/2 100%
Dave Camp MI-04 1/1 100%
Fred Upton MI-06 3/5 60%
Tim Walberg MI-07 6/16 38%
Mike Rogers MI-08 2/5 40%
Candice Miller MI-10 3/9 33%
Thad McCotter MI-11 3/5 60%

Nationally, there are 29 GOP members of the House for which ACA repeal bills are the ONLY bills they have signed onto. That’s about 12%. In Michigan, 3 out of the 9 have sponsored or co-sponsored only legislation that is involved in repeal. 33% of them couldn’t find any other bills worth putting their names on except for health insurance reform repeal.

One more thing worth pointing out: not one of the 242 GOP members of the House of Representatives has sponsored or co-sponsored a single bill relating to the creation of jobs. Not one. After spending the past two years bashing Democrats in general and President Obama in particular about the lack of job growth (which is, of course, a complete lie), they have introduced 13 bills to repeal health insurance reform, 7 bills to require a balanced federal budget, 5 bills to repeal the estate tax (benefiting only the super-rich) and a bill to repeal Wall Street Reform and not one single jobs bill. But not a single jobs bill.

I think, without resorting to hyperbole or overstatement, that can be characterized in only one way: PATHETIC.

Call your member of Congress and ask them a simple question: “When will you be sponsoring a jobs bill?”

Because, well, they’ve been hammering the Democrats and President Obama pretty heavily and consistently for the past two years about jobs and the economy. You would think they’d come right out of the chute ready to promote their job-creating agenda.

So, when we ask “Where are the jobs?”, I’d say that’s a damn fair question.

I’m just sayin’…