Uncategorized — January 26, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Congressman Paul Broun is an idiot


It’s bad enough that he had this year’s “You LIE!” moment during the President’s State of the Union Address last night. But the depth of Congressman Broun’s idiocy runs much deeper, apparently. Check out this tweet from earlier that evening:

Corporate Tax rates should be zero.

Not only do corporations hold immense sway in Congress due to mammoth political contributions, they are treated as humans by the courts on issues such as free speech. They benefit most when our country is prosperous and are asked the least when it comes to sacrificing when times are bad.

And now this idiot wants to free them from the oppressive burden of paying their taxes so they can accumulate even more wealth into the hands of a few and contribute nothing back to the society that allows them to be successful in the first place.

Who elects these nimrods, anyway????

I’m just sayin’…