Michigan, Republicans, Rick Snyder — December 22, 2010 at 9:34 am

Snyder: Michigan’s economy a wreck due to state employees


Wow. Here I thought that Michigan’s economy was suffering because of the massive economic downturn nationally and the near-collapse of the manufacturing sector over the past two years. Apparently I was wrong. According to Rick Snyder, Michigan’s problems are all the fault of government employees.

Rick Snyder, a certified public accountant and businessman who has never before held public office, said Tuesday he plans to confront head-on what he regards as excessive compensation for public-sector employees, including schoolteachers. Further, he said, he will seek to enact reforms in the way the state distributes revenue to local governments and schools as a way to encourage them to consolidate and streamline operations.

Snyder, in an interview with the Free Press at his transition office near the Capitol, said his proposed reforms — the details of which he said will be released in January and February — will be painful, and he anticipates stiff opposition. But they are necessary to transform the jobs climate and rid the state of pervasive ennui, he said.

Government at all levels “is an expense to the economy,” Snyder said. “We’re taking more than we should because our costs are out of line.”

All those out-of-work auto workers will be so happy to hear that. I’m sure once he’s trimmed the government’s footprint, they’ll all be promptly hired back.

I’m just sayin’…