GOP — December 21, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Oh! The humanities!


Andrew Breitbart has his conservative panties all in a twist. It turns out — get this, you won’t even believe it — some LIBBER-UHL on posted something nasty and inappropriate about (you are not going to believe this) [whispers]Sarah Palin[/whispers].

Can you believe it? It’s horrible:

Let’s let Michael Vick keep Sarah Palin as a pet instead of a dog. It will be safer for dogs and we’ll get the satisfaction of having Vick electrocute Palin! You know that after listening to that voice for longer than 30-seconds Vick would be lunging for the cattle prods.

Vick gets a pet to torture and we get rid of Palin. A win-win for everyone!

– Owen Meany IV

Okay, first, let’s just all agree that this comment on Salon is over the top to the point the person seriously needs psychiatric help for even suggesting it. Seriously. Michael Vick? Who says something like that? A freaking lunatic, that’s who. Nobody is going to argue that.

Well Breitbart (don’t ask me to link his odious site, I won’t do it) was all a-tizzy that this comment was on’s website for three days before the pulled it. It seems that nobody flagged it and, as far as Brietbart is concerned, that means all liberals CONDONE this type of thing.

Really. He believes that.

I’ve got news for Andrew Breitbart: you spend even 10 minutes over at some of the more bizarro right wing websites like Free Republic and you can collect all kinds of examples of stuff just like that. They not only don’t pull it, they all laugh about it.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I have written over a half dozen diaries called “Forays into Freeperville” for the Daily Kos where I end up spending a half hour or so harvesting some of the more WOW! comments to ridicule and laugh at. And I always see some crazy violent-themed crap over there. Stuff that would make this little bit of lunacy feel riii-iiight at home.

So, let’s recap: Brietbart finds an example of one freakazoid lefty comment on the internet for three days. On the righty side we have entire websites devoted to comments that are equally offensive. Now I don’t really want to get into this whole “YOUR freaks are worse than OUR freaks” debate but honestly, dude? Your freaks ARE worse than our freaks. It’s not like there’s even a question about this.

I’m just sayin’…

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