GOP, GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail, Republicans — December 15, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Exactly how ridiculous does the GOP have to get?


…before we can just laugh them off as a joke that nobody — and I mean NOBODY! — takes seriously anymore???

From Dave Weigel:

Seriously. These two morons are actually defending earmarks that they themselves put into a bill and now claim they will vote against because, by God, they are Republicans and Republicans hates them some earmarks..

“Senator Thune, I was just looking at the list of earmark requests that you requested this year and it adds up to over a hundred million dollars,” said another reporter, asking the South Dakota Republican – who has been talked about as a Presidential hopeful – if he would strike those earmarks.

“I support those projects, but I don’t support this bill,” Thune answered.

Time for another question.

“Going through this bill, there is earmark after earmark from the both of you, millions of dollars in earmarks,” asked another scribe with a jab.

“Why do you have any credibility on this?”

“Because we’re going to vote against the bill,” answered Cornyn.

“It appears like you’re saying one thing and doing another,” another reporter pressed.

“Not at all,” said Cornyn, as Thune also stepped in to defend their stance on the Omnibus.

“We’ve got to leave it there – we’ve got to get going,” a GOP aide said, trying to end the press conference and quickly get the Senators out the door.

No. Look, I’m serious here. What does it take for Americans who have in the past voted Republican to realize that the members of Congress from the party they supported in the past have now completely jumped the shark?

Oh. Right. A legitimate media/press — the so-called Fourth Estate — that actually does their job and actually reports this stuff so that Americans would actually know about it.

And we don’t have that.

And somehow, sadly, I’m not even sure that’s enough…

I’m just sayin’…

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