MI-07, Michigan — October 7, 2010 at 9:46 am

Tim Walberg accepts debate sponsored by “Democratic” AARP


Tim Walberg has finally agreed to a debate sponsored by the AARP bringing to four the total number of debates between him and Democratic incumbent Mark Schauer in Michigan’s 7th District.

Walberg had been holding off on accepting the AARP’s debate invitation because he felt they were beholden to the Democratic Party, calling them a “Democratic organization.”

Asked Thursday what evidence he could offer that AARP favors the Democratic Party, Walberg issued the following statement:

“Obamacare, which Mark Schauer supported, raids Social Security and Medicare of $500 billion, increases costs and puts bureaucrats in charge. You have to question why any organization would support it.”

Michigan AARP spokesman Mark Hornbeck responded with this:

“AARP is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse candidates. We are hoping to sponsor a debate with WLNS-TV between the 7th Congressional District candidates because we want our members and the public at large to hear the candidates’ positions on issues that are important to them.”

Walberg, who refers to health insurance reform as a “government take-over of health care” in every one of his press releases and political emails, appears to believe that any group that supports something he doesn’t like is a shill for the Democratic Party. I guess that would include nearly half of Americans, those who are “extremely uncomfortable” with the privatization of social security, something Walberg is on the record as supporting (despite his recent ad with his mom suggesting otherwise.) The far-right Club for Growth is certainly for it (“Privatize Social Security? Hell Yeah!“) and we all know how much Club for Growth loves Tim Walberg.

So, to all you Walberg supporters out there, better make sure you agree with him on everything. Otherwise he’ll call you a [gasp!] DEMOCRAT!

I’m just sayin’…