Organizing For America — October 12, 2010 at 8:51 am

GOTV: Get Your Vol On!


Three weeks from today. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the prize upon which we are keeping our eyes. As a Community Organizer for Organizing for America (OFA), I and our staffers and our many volunteers (“vols”) have been working hard all summer for the dénouement. We’ve been identifying Democratic supporters, getting many, many of them to Pledge to vote for Democrats on November 2nd.

Howard Dean’s signed OFA Pledge Card

And, starting this Saturday, we’ll have a full-frontal assault as we re-contact these people and make sure they turn out to support Dems on Election Day.

The scene at the Washtenaw County Democratic HQ last Sunday

Last weekend we sent out 32 canvassers in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor), Michigan. We knocked over 1,110 doors and our phonebankers, some shown in the photo above, made over 700 calls. We have over 135 GOTV vol shifts scheduled and, this coming Saturday, we begin our “dry runs” where we practice our little GOTVing vol hearts out, getting ready for the Big GOTV Weekend.

We will be talking to the folks we’ve identified, mostly “surge voters” from 2008 and “sporadic voters” who don’t often return to the polls for midterm elections. We’ll be reaching out to them as many as SIX TIMES! between now and Election Day to ensure that they vote.

That’s how you get it done. That’s how you win elections.

So, what are YOU doing to Get Your Vol On?
If you haven’t been involved yet, what’s your excuse?

  • It’s too early!
  • It’s too late!
  • I’ve just been SO busy…
  • It’s a lost cause, I can’t do anything to change that…
  • Election? What election?

Want to help? The best thing you can do is get involved with OFA. Our model is a winning one. The “asks” are easy; we’re speaking to Democratic supporters. And we know from intensive study of our previous results that this model WORKS.

So get thee to your local OFA group and Get Your Vol On!
Sign up HERE. Need help getting in touch with them? Email me, man. I’ll help you out!

I’m just sayin’…