GOP, John Dingell, Republican-Fail — September 17, 2010 at 8:21 am

“A stuffed Dingell trophy on the wall would send shock waves”


What the hell is it with conservative Republicans and their violent rhetoric? I was searching Twitterland for info on Congressman John Dingell (“The Dean of the House”) when I came across this tweet from his opponent, Rob Steele:

Henry Payne writes “A stuffed Dingell trophy on the wall would send shock waves through Washington.”

I’ve written about Rob Steele BEFORE. During his latest appearance on Sean Hannity, he brought out his new campaign approach “Vote for me, I’m totally inexperienced”

Congressman Dingell, he’s served honorably. He’s been there since, he’s been in Washington, D.C. since he was seven years old when his dad was elected in 1932 and then he took over for his dad in 1955. So he’s been there since seven, graduated from the Page High School, so he’s actually been in the House of Representatives since he was twelve…

What [people are] lookin’ for is someone like me, someone who has not been a career politician. I mean I went to my first county convention ever two weeks ago. I mean I’ve not been involved in politics…

Here at Blogging for Michigan, Communications Guru revealed that Steele has taken to calling his volunteers the “Steelworkers Local MI 15” in a disingenuous attempt to appear to have union backing. Rob Steele decidedly does not have union backing including the United Steel Workers. John Dingell does.

But back to this tweet. “A stuffed Dingell trophy on the wall.” It comes from a blog entry by conservative political cartoonist Henry Payne from the Detroit News. In it, he argues that John Dingell is on the ropes and Steele has a shot at this, something Steele was excited enough to retweet and link on his Facebook page.

And, of course, the obligatory comment cheering on this violent crap:

A stuffed Dingell trophy on the wall would look good in ANY room of the house, with ANY decor. – Tammy7318

John Dingell is 84 years old and has served Michigan’s 15th Congressional District with distinction for 55 years. And he’s no Strom Thurmond who was clearly incapable of performing his Congressional duties in his waning years. John Dingell is sharp as a tack and still one of the leading advocates for health care reform, American workers and manufacturers and for the less-fortunate among us in all areas. Having spent time with John Dingell over the past few years, I speak from experience: John Dingell is solid.

And Rob Steele and his buddies want to shoot him and hang him on the wall.

I’m just sayin’…
P.S. The Michigan Democratic Party has a website up now that goes after Steele directly:

Show John Dingell some love at his Act Blue page HERE.