GOP, Republican-Fail, Republicans — September 15, 2010 at 6:47 am

Stop calling them “Tea Partiers”. They’re REPUBLICANS!


I’m just sayin’…

Giving my wife props for the idea for this blog entry.

It’s time we changed the meme and change how we talk about the teabaggers. There is no “Tea Party” in the USA, not as a political party. There may be a bunch of clubs scattered around the country, groups of like-minded mostly-white, mostly-bigoted, super conservative no-brainers that don’t see the stupidity and hypocrisy in most of what they do & say.

But there is no “Tea Party” on any ticket in this country this year.

There is only the Republican Party for these people. And it’s high time we quit calling them Tea Partiers or teabaggers and call them what they are:


So, Christine O’Donnell won in Delaware last night. Over and over and over again, even on this site, we hear her referred to as “the Tea Party candidate”. She’s no such thing. Did you happen to notice which race it was that she won? Yup:


So, Carl Paladino won in New York last night. Google “Tea Party Candidate” and Paladino and see how many hits you get, hits referring to him as “the Tea Party candidate.” He’s no such thing. Did you happen to notice which race it was that he won? Yup:


Ovide Lamontagne looks like he may squeak one out in New Hampshire after yesterday’s primary. Even NPR is is calling him the “Tea Party candidate”. But you know what? He’s no such thing. Did you happen to notice which race it was that he won? Yup:


I could go on and on and on.

These people are not of the Tea Party. Hell, here in Michigan, some conniving Dems from Oakland County spent thousands of dollars to try to get “The Tea Party” on the ballot only to fail. The Tea Party people in Michigan FREAKED!!!

Yes, there’s an anti-incumbent fervor in this country. But it’s happening in the Republican Party, not across the board. As have written before, the teabaggers set out to take over an existing party rather than having to create one of their own. Mission accomplished.

It’s time we change the meme. It’s time we hang this dead, stinking albatross around the neck of the political party that has allowed these bigots, these small-minded, cold-hearted fools to take control. And not only did they allow them to take control, they put into play the rhetoric, the hatred, the fear, and the anti-government fervor that drives the teabaggers in everything they do politically. It’s a monster they themselves created.

This November, there won’t be races that have the Democratic candidate running against the out-to-lunch, out-of-touch, completely out-of-their-mind “tea party candidate”. It will be a Democrat vs. a REPUBLICAN.

The so-called “Tea Party” groups are nothing more than Republican Clubs. They have now wrested control from the “establishment” Republicans in many places but let us never forget: THEY ARE REPUBLICANS.

And the Republicans get to own them.

They own this:

And this:

And this:

I say it’s time we quit calling the teabaggers, tea partyers or tea party candidates. It’s time to label them appropriately. As Republicans. Let’s help the Republicans own that. Because, at the end of the day, it’s a Frankenstein monster of their own creation.

I’m just sayin’…