MI-07, Michigan — September 27, 2010 at 6:56 pm

NRCC spending more on Walberg/Schauer race in MI-07 than any other


I knew this was one of the top most-contested races in the country but I didn’t realize just how competitive it was until I learned THIS about the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) financial investment in it:

The NRCC is going on the air in more than 30 districts on Monday, seeking bring the fight to Democrats in many competitive districts…The NRCC is spending the most…targeting Rep. Mark Schauer (D) in MI 07. The NRCC is spending $352K on an ad that hits Schauer for voting to cut Medicare. Schauer is facing a rematch against former Rep. Tim Walberg (R).

I guess, when you look at the big picture, you can see why they are spending this kind of ching-a-ling on this race. They started out looking pretty good then but then Walberg went and opened his mouth and began his epic dying fish impression, flip-flopping around on multiple issues.

Q: Mr. Walberg, are you for or against privatizing social security?
A: Yes. No. No, yes. Wait, no.

Q: Mr. Walberg, is the president an American citizen and a Christian?
A: I don’t know. Wait, I do know and the answer is I don’t know. Wait, no. Yes. Ummm…

When the guy can’t even get his GOP-approved talking points nailed down, he apparently needs a big assist from the big guy upstairs (the NRCC, that is.) So they are pouring money into our humble district like no tomorrow. And sending John Boehner here. And Michele Bachman. This a no-holds-barrred GOPosaur-a-thon, I tell ya.

And, yet, Walberg is still down in the polls.

Want to help counter some of the GOP money? Congressman Mark Schauer’s Act Blue contribution page is HERE.

In other MI-07 news, Congressman Schauer has challenged Tim Walberg to reject using robocalls for the remainder of the campaign.

JACKSON – Today Congressman Mark Schauer (D-MI) called on his opponent, ex-Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI), to stop using campaign robocalls for the remainder of the 2010 election season. In recent weeks, Mr. Walberg’s campaign has used automated robocalls to communicate with voters across the 7th district and defend his support for privatizing Social Security.

“This election is about kitchen table economics, but the last thing Michigan families want are more annoying robocalls during dinnertime,” said Schauer. “My hope is that Mr. Walberg will join me and agree not to use these obnoxious tactics for the rest of the campaign.”

Walberg won’t do this, of course. He learned all he ever needed to know about campaigning from Club for Growth and hoo-boy do they love them some robocalls. But Congressman Schauer has the right idea, if you ask me. I hate those damn things.

Sorry folks. I guess if the phone rings during dinner and it’s Tim Walberg, let it go to voicemail.

P.S. The NRCC’s claim that Congressman Schauer voted against Medicare is spurious. But then you already knew that, dintchya?

I’m just sayin’…