Barack Obama, MI-07, Rick Snyder — September 30, 2010 at 6:19 am

Do NOT vote for Obama or Biden on Nov. 2nd! I mean it!


Having read numerous blog entries, articles and diaries on Daily Kos about hippy punching and whining prohibitions and bucking up demands I have become convinced and hereby issue this firm directive to all “base” Democrats:


If you do, you will be wasting your vote.

(Bet you didn’t know his middle name was Robinette, did you?)

I’m going to go a bit further and suggest you also do not vote for the following people:

  • Robert Lane Gibbs
  • David M. Axelrod
  • Rahm Israel Emanuel
  • Larry Henry Summers
  • Timothy Franz Geithner

Votes for these men are wasted votes. Do NOT vote for them. Don’t do it. It’s a wasted vote, I tellzya!


Because they are not on the damn ticket!

However, may I commend your attention to this other fine assortment of decent Democrats on the ballot? How about your local and state politicians? Maybe your member of Congress? Perhaps a Senator or two? I know! A judge! A Supreme Court JUDGE! Can I interest you in a good progressive Supreme Court judge?

For example, in my district, I have the most-awesome Congressman Mark Schauer to get reelected. He’s voted very progressively in his first term in office. He’s running against former bible salesman, birther and social security privatizer Tim Walberg, the guy he beat in 2008. We HAVE to get Schauer reelected. If our voters in MI-07 stay home because they are pissed at Obama and Biden, Walberg gets back in. Score one for the bad guys.

We also have a state rep to elect, Christine Green. She’s running against a “nice guy” Republican named Mark Ouimet. Ouimet may be a “nice guy” but he’s running some of the nastiest robocalls against Ms. Green that you’ve ever heard. For a state seat! Robocalls! Jebus, what state candidate has that kind of money? You think he’s gonna stay a “nice guy” Republican when he gets to Lansing after he’s sucked up to all those wealthy donors to get all that money???

Speaking of “nice guy” Republicans, we have a governor to pick in Michigan. Democrats have the very populist Virg Bernero, the so-called “Angriest Mayor in America” thanks to his appearance on MSNBC. Republicans have Ann Arbor business man Rick Snyder. Snyder is well-known as being a “nice guy”. He calls himself a “tough nerd”, too. But, as Congressman John Dingell reminds us, if he gets to Lansing, the Republicans are NOT going to let him keep being a “nice guy”.

And this is the situation in pretty much every single voter precinct in the country. Decent Democrats from the local township officials and city council candidates all the way up to governor and candidates for U.S. Congress that need votes. DEMOCRATIC votes. They can not get themselves elected. WE, US, THEM, THOSE DEMOCRATS. We have to work to get out the vote and then go to the polls and vote for the Democrats on the ballot or we will turn back the clock six years to where we found ourselves in 2002 with a country dominated by Republicans bent on destroying every progressive initiative they could find.

They will root out every civil rights advance of the past several years, every single law passed to help out working men and women, every single effort to bolster the middle class and they will take it over to their Republican TubTM and they will drown it. And then they’ll take all that money they believe they have saved and will turn it into giant tax breaks and other advantages for the top 5% wealthiest Americans while telling us they are doing for the sake of the economy and liberty and patriotism and Ronald Reagan and the Tea Party and anything else they can think of.

So. Anyway. Don’t vote for Barack Hussein Obama or Joe Robinette Biden (yes, it really is Robinette) on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010. Instead, GOTV your progressive little heart out between now and Election Day and then go vote for the Democrats that ARE on the ballot. And don’t forget to flip over the ballot and vote for those so-called non-partisan seats, too. Because, if your state is anything like Michigan, we’ve got some house cleaning to do on the State Supreme Court.

I’m just sayin’…