MI-07 — August 19, 2010 at 9:55 am

Tim Walberg is for privatizing social security WHILE he’s against it


MI-07 Republican candidate Tim Walberg wasn’t for privatizing social security BEFORE he was against it, he is for privatizing security WHILE he is against it.


First we have this press release from the Walberg campaign:

I have always opposed privatization of the Social Security system

Then we have this quote from an interview Walberg did with the tea party-type group, The Independence Caucus:

“Yeah, when you say the word privatization, a seasoned campaigner like me understands that that is a buzzword that is just about as negative as a noose hanging around your neck. But in talking with you, we all understand what that means, and I would definitely support the privatization of the so-called Social Security system.

Full audio of the interview is available HERE.

So, Tim, we have to ask, which is it? Are you FOR privatizing social security or are you AGAINST it? It’s a fair question and you seem to be in a debate against yourself on it. Let us know when you get that resolved, will ya?

Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent and current Congressman, Mark Schauer, is unequivocal on the subject:

I will be out in the district celebrating the 75th anniversary, making my commitment that I will not touch a penny of Social Security benefits,” Schauer said Wednesday.
He said he will also point out that Walberg supported privatizing Social Security.

“He may be comfortable in diverting peoples Social Security dollars into private accounts, managed by Wall St. CEO’s — I’m not — and I will be talking about that,” Schauer said.


Schauer, who faces Republican Tim Walberg in the race for the 7th Congressional District seat, spoke to a group of about 35 people at the Adrian Senior Center on the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act.

To make his point, Schauer signed a written pledge on a poster board in front of the group, promising to strengthen and protect Social Security and fight any attempt to convert its funds to private investment accounts.

I will oppose with every ounce of energy privatization of Social Security,” Schauer said.

Nice to have a clear statement of a candidates position, isn’t it?

Hopefully Tim Walberg can sort himself out before the election. C’mon, Mr. Walberg. You can do it.

You can sign a petition demanding that Walberg and his GOP cronies don’t privatize Social Security HERE.

Congressman Schauer’s Act Blue page is HERE and his website is HERE

I’m just sayin’…