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Americans for Prosperity attacks Dem. Schauer – ACTION


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Democratic Congressman Mark Schauer (MI-07) is in one of the toughest Congressional races in the country this year. Facing off against former nemesis, bible salesman and Baptist minister, Tim Walberg, Schauer will soon face the prospect of conservative money which is sure to begin flowing into our district (as it did in 2008.)

In fact, it is already beginning as the astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) (sorry, no direct linkage from me) is on a “tour” through the 7th District to smear Congressman Schauer.

AFP is decidedly an astroturfing group. Funded by Koch Industries, a fact reported on in-depth by Rachel Maddow and others, it pretends to be a grassroots group. However, in all its efforts to derail climate change legislation, health insurance reform, net neutrality, and other Democratic initiatives, the money behind the group is decidedly corporate.


Americans for Prosperity Founded by billionaire CEO:

  • “Mr. Koch, a major contributor to the Republican Party and supporter of conservative causes… helped establish the nonprofit Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which supports free-market policies.” [New York Times, 7/10/08]
  • “Americans for Prosperity got over $5 million from Koch Foundations between 2005 and 2008.” [MSNBC, 3/31/10]

Koch Industries subsidiary won award for outsourcing American jobs to China:

  • “Freeborders and INVISTA Named Winners of Outsourcing Excellence Award; Prestigious Award Recognizes New Sales and Sourcing Platform for the Global Textile Industry.” [Freeborders Press Release, 6/1/06]
  • Invista is a key subsidiary of Koch Industries. [www.invista.com/page_whois_shareholder_en.shtml]

Walberg has signed a pledge to defend tax loopohles that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas:

  • In May 2010, Americans for Tax Reform stated that their pledge required opposition to The American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010. The legislation would have closed a variety of different loopholes that actually create tax incentives for companies to move American jobs overseas. [Americans for Tax Reform, 5/20/10, Washington Post, 6/9/10]

According to the Schauer campaign, AFP is spending $260,000 this week alone in attack ads against Mark that distort his record. Additionally, they have a four-stop tour in the 7th District on Monday and Tuesday next week.

The stops are as follows:

8/9 Monday
9:00 am – Battle Creek , Mi
Holiday Inn, 12182 Harper Village Dr .

8/9 Monday
12:30 pm – Jackson, Mi
Pacific Tan, 615 Northwest Ave.

8/9 Monday
6:30 pm – Saline, Mi
American Legion Post 322, 320 W. Michigan Ave.

8/10 Tuesday
5:30 p.m. – Delta Township
Udder Creamery, 4131 W. Saginaw Highway

If you are going to attend, please contact me at eclectablog at gmail dot com. Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before the rally starts.

In March of this year, Schauer supporters turned out at an anti-healthcare reform rally sponsored by the Republican party and outnumbered the protesters at least five to one. We hope to do something similar on Monday. If you are in the 7th district and are available Monday and Tuesday, please consider showing up to show your support for Congressman Schauer and to fight the astroturfing Americans for Prosperity.

While AFP is out to stop the efforts of Congressman Schauer and the Democrats to improve the lives of Americans, Congressman Schauer himself has been busy helping to level the playing field for US companies, promoting a light rail system in Michigan, and holding the company that dumped a million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River responsible for their actions and helping to prevent another such occurrence (also here.)

In other words, why Tim Walberg and the AFP throw poo at Democrats, Dems like Congressman Schauer are acting like adults and actually getting things done. Please help out by turning out for these ‘rallies’ and showing your support.

Congressman Schauer’s Act Blue page is HERE.

I’m just sayin’…