MI-07, Michigan — July 19, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Popcorn Time in MI-07, ver. 7.19.10


This is rich.

So, in 2008, Republican Joe Schwarz endorsed Mark Schauer for the MI-07 race and, of course, Schauer ended up narrowly defeating Tim Walberg. There has been very bad blood between Schwarz and Walberg ever since Walberg got the Club for Growth to kick the crap out of him (financially- and negative campaigningly-speaking) in the contested 2006 GOP primary.

Now Schwarz has endorsed Walberg’s primary opponent, Brian Rooney, the ultra right wing friend of the Teabaggers.

I think he’s the best choice because he served in the military, has a very good legal background and he has a broad view of what the problems are, and what the solutions are with the economy,” Schwarz said.

Another reason why Schwarz said he is backing Rooney is that his focus is on the economy, “as opposed to very narrow social issues.”

Yeah, right, Joe. Sure. We believe you and that those are your real reasons. No, really.

Well, that doesn’t sit well with Walberg so he went ahead and demanded that Rooney disavow Schwarz’s endorsement:

“Tomorrow, former Congressman Joe Schwarz is hosting a fundraiser for Republican Congressional Candidate Brian Rooney. Former Congressman Schwarz endorsed Mark Schauer for Congress in 2008, who has voted for trillion dollar deficits and the government takeover of health care, and said he will likely support Schauer again this year.

“As reported in the Jackson Citizen Patriot, ‘Schwarz said if Rooney wins the primary and faces off against Schauer in November, he will then evaluate whom he would support.’ The Citizen Patriot further reported, ‘If Walberg wins the primary, Schwarz said Schauer will have his support in the fall.’

“‘Granted, Brian Rooney moved into the 7th District from Wayne County the same day he signed his candidacy papers, but he should know better than to let Congressman Mark Schauer endorser Joe Schwarz raise money for his campaign. Congressman Joe Schwarz has said he will support Congressman Mark Schauer in the general election if Tim Walberg is the Republican nominee, so Brian Rooney should disavow Joe Schwarz’ support and cancel the fundraiser,’ said campaign spokesman Joe Wicks.”

Honestly, this is the funniest damn Congressional primary pie fight I have ever seen.

What’s next? Walberg pulls down Rooney’s pants and runs away yelling “nana nana boo-boo”? Or maybe Rooney gives Walberg a hot foot at a debate?

Meanwhile, Congressman Mark Schauer is kicking serious financial butt, financially-speaking. He raised almost a half million dollars last quarter and has $1.65 million cash on hand. Together Rooney, Walberg, and the other GOP candidate, Marvin Carlson, only raised about $275,000 in Q2 and, collectively have only $785,000 on hand.

He’s also acting like an adult and a leader by taking strong stands on Wall Street reform, health insurance reform and leveling the playing field for American companies competing with Chinese companies.

Walberg will probably pants him.

I’m just sayin’…