Detroit, Michigan — July 14, 2010 at 5:49 pm

Kwame Kilpatrick continues to kick Michigan in the teeth


Not content to kick Detroit while it was down, disgraced former Detorit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now kicking the rest of us Michiganders in the teeth.

To wit:

Taxpayers to foot bill for Kilpatrick’s defense
Detroit — Clad in an inmate’s uniform and leg irons, a noticeably thinner Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded poverty Tuesday when charged in federal court with 19 counts of fraud and income tax violations.

“That is correct,” the former mayor of Detroit answered when asked by U.S. Magistrate Judge Donald A. Scheer if he was unable to hire an attorney. Scheer accepted an affidavit from Kilpatrick, 40, explaining his current financial straits.

Hours later, James C. Thomas, the same high-powered attorney paid by Kilpatrick to lead a legal team in fighting criminal charges stemming from the text message scandal, was appointed to represent Kilpatrick again — this time at taxpayer expense.


Mike Paul, who acts as the Kilpatrick family spokesman, said in a telephone interview from his New York office, “He doesn’t have any money. He doesn’t work. He has no job. The family just downsized to a smaller house because he’s the breadwinner and there is no bread.

So he gets his same high-dollar lawyer back but, this time, WE have to pay for it.

No bread. And no shame. Won’t this guy ever go away???

I’m just sayin’…