GOP, Republican-Fail, Republicans — February 6, 2010 at 9:44 am

Republican obstruction reaching absurd/dangerous levels


What more evidence do you need than this? From the White House blog this week:

Nine months ago, the White House sent the nominee for GSA Administrator, Martha Johnson, to the Senate for its consideration. Today, she was finally given a vote and was overwhelmingly approved by a margin of 94-2 [Update: make that 96-0 after the remaining two switched their votes]. What happened in between was a perfect example of why Americans are so frustrated with Washington.
What’s worse, Martha Johnson is hardly the first nominee to fall victim to this trend of opposition for opposition’s sake. Nine of the President’s nominees found themselves stuck in this same situation only to be confirmed by 70 or more votes or a voice vote.

They held up this woman’s nomination for nine months. NINE MONTHS. Then every single one of them voted for her.

This should be on the front page of every goddam newspaper in the country. It’s clearly an intentional decision to do everything possible to make the federal government not able to do its job so that they can point to it during the elections and say, “See? The government doesn’t work!” The Dems better be on the other side saying, “See? They won’t let the government work.

As Dan Pfeiffer at the White House blog puts it:

This isn’t just about one person filling one job – it hampers our ability reform the way government works and save taxpayer dollars by making it more efficient and effective.

Meanwhile, Senator Shelby, can we please approve those nominees you blocked to be the top Intelligence officers at the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security as well as the number three civilian at the Pentagon? Because this is our national security we’re talking about now.

I’m just sayin’…